“With Keith, you may get a rebate but you never get discount service. It may sound like hyperbole but Keith is absolutely the best agent we’ve worked with in our 25+ years of home ownership (4 homes). Keith left no stone unturned in our search for current wonderful home in Fairfax. He’s accessible 24/7 (really!) and with a tireless work ethic and the negotiating skills of a great attorney (yes, he’s an attorney as well). We’ve referred several of our friends and family to him and they ALL have been very happy with his services.” (S.M., Fairfax, VA)

“Meet Keith Min, aka the Cashback Buyer’s Agent. Keith is a licensed real estate professional with over a decade of experience. He is a registered agent with Samson Realty, so he has all the resources you would expect a real estate agent to have (managing broker, front office, lockbox and MLS access, etc.). He is also a licensed attorney, so he can provide valuable insights about different provisions of the contract and advice about negotiating with the seller.” (S.C., Vienna, Va.)

“Bottom line, Keith is one of those rare devoted, diligent, and client-first agents that it is a pleasure to work with. Plus, the cash back at closing is great!!” (Daniel C., Arlington, VA)

Keith has been our real estate agent for nearly eight years, and we couldn’t be happier. He has an astute mind and an unusually sharp eye for flaws in properties he is seeing for the first time. Without him, we might have fallen into a couple money pits. Perhaps more importantly, I never felt he was pushing us just to get a sale. He always had our best interests at heart. Thanks to him, we were able to do exceedingly well selling our starter house and have bought a wonderful home near some of the best schools in Fairfax County.” (Dave C., McLean, VA)

Trust me, this is as good as it gets! Our story: My wife and I recently closed on our first house, and there were two things about our agent that were unique. One, he had an honest client-first mindset and genuinely tried to find the perfect home for us, as opposed to some other agents who might try to pressure you into buying any house that meets your minimum requirements. He actively criticized many properties and would point out the negatives (cheap laminate rather than real hardwood, hidden water damage, etc.). This was very helpful, since many other agents would gloss over such issues. Our agent never pushed us to buy, even though we took over a year to find the house we wanted. In fact, he even persuaded us several times not to buy properties because he had serious reservations about them being overvalued or because they would present us with subsequent resale difficulties (close to a major road, odd layout, etc.). It’s rare to find an agent who has that sort of honest, client-first mindset. Two, he provided us with a rebate equivalent to 1% of the sales price. In other words, if you buy a million dollar house, our agent would you a credit of $10,000 at closing. That’s significant cash.” (Chris W., Vienna, Va)